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How my 10-year struggle to learn Russian led to the development of this amazing Rapid Russian Vocabulary System! This system is so extraordinary, that anyone can develop an effective vocabulary in weeks or months, instead of painstaking years...

My name is Dan Bauer, and I recently had the great pleasure of conducting a Russian language class that resulted in men and women of all ages reading, writing, and conversing in Russian in just months... What can and has taken others 8 to 10 years, including myself, can now be compressed into just months.
The accelerated language learning methods involved in this breakthrough system are not secret. Linguists have been researching and developing them for decades. However, the result of combining these methods into one system has led to an incredibly efficient way of learning the most useful Russian words... These are the words you need to communicate effectively with Russian speaking people; to understand, and be understood. These methods will work for you, with or without this program!
I know exactly what you are going through to learn Russian... Look at the entire library I had built-up over the years... none of these really efficient! What works is learning words using these proven methods!

Rapid Russian Vocabulary CD

(Free on-line Russian vocabulary tutorials taken from the Rapid RussianVocabulary CD ROM program. Each of these is a fraction of what’s available on the whole program. Depending on your internet connection speed, they will run much slower than the CD ROM disks will run on your computer.)

Choose one just by clicking one of the links below:
Clothing words
Color words
Kitchen/Dining Room words
Weather words
Animal words
Food words
Number words

These methods are:

  • Word Association
  • Graduated Interval Repetition
  • Word Frequency
  • Flashcards
**Word Association
It’s much easier to remember new words by linking them with terms in your native language, and by visualizing. You probably use this method all the time without even realizing it. For example: Do you remember the shape of Italy? Many of us learned in school that Italy is shaped like a boot. Once you visualize this, and picture in your mind that Italy is a boot, then it’s hard to forget! But how many of us know what Germany, France, Poland, and so on look like? I must confess I don’t, because I don’t have a picture of it in my mind. But I remember the shape of Italy, even decades after learning it. (Oops! Did I give away my age?).

The memory aids on many slides, use these word associations. As you view them, try to VIVIDLY see a detailed picture in your mind. Spend 10 or 15 seconds visualizing it. Imagine details, colors, sounds, tastes, smells, etc. And the more outrageous or ridiculous you make the picture, the better you will remember. You can learn over a 100 words a day this way!! And you will REMEMBER THE WORDS that you learn much easier and faster than simply trying to memorize them.

For example:
Foot in Russian sounds like "stoop nyah" in English. Imagine that you STOOP over to touch your foot. EXAGGERATE by imagining something such as your foot being swollen to the size of a watermelon, and turning purple. (Even better, actually STOOP and touch your foot, or have your students actually do this). Then say, "doesn't this look foolish? NYAH, let's not do this." And there you have the word! STOOP NYAH... Was that difficult? Why not learn Russian the simple fast, natural way?
And don't let pronunciation intimidate you... see my article: Correct Russian Pronunciation… The Key to Oral Communication... You can make up these word associations yourself. In fact, if you make them up yourself, you will remember them even better. But much of the work has been done for you in this program. About one third of the words already have these memory aids. Click for More Word Assocations Information... Now you will remember the word with just brief reminders from time to time. Which brings us to the next accelerated language learning method.
**Timed(or Graduated) Interval Repetition
Of great importance is reviewing the words at the correct time. I can’t emphasize this enough! To get the maximum benefit from these methods, you must know about and apply this principle! Even if you don’t obtain this program(which would be missing a tremendous opportunity to seriously accelerate your learning curve), you still will benefit greatly by applying this principle:Each time you review a thought or a word in your mind, it’s impressed on your neural net more deeply. In practical terms, each time you review a word, you remember it for a longer period of time.
For example:
The first time you learn a word, you might only remember it for 10-seconds. But if you review it again in 10-seconds, then you can remember it for 20-seconds. Then, if you review it in 20-seconds, you can remember it for 40-seconds, and so on. What does this mean for you? To make the best use of your time, and really remember vocabulary, you must review it at appropriate times.
This doesn’t mean spending massive amounts of time. On the contrary, even reviewing the words at one per second is enough to reinforce your memory. So review new vocabulary words several times in the first session until you feel that you remember them. Then review them again that evening, then the next morning. Double the length of time between each review to daily, then in two days, then in four days, etc. This need not take a lot of time! Remember, all it takes is one second or less to reinforce the word in your memory. The repeat buttons in the vocabulary program are designed to help you do this.

Much time and effort has been spent by researchers to verify this principle scientifically, and ignoring or not taking advantage of it will be to your detriment. After, all, who wants to waste their time learning a word, only to forget it soon afterward? And believe me, I’ve had this experience more than I care to remember. It seems like I’ve looked up some words a hundred times in the dictionary, and still I don’t remember them-IF I DON’T APPLY THIS PRINCIPLE!
Don’t be afraid to practice what you learn with other people. And this is a highly effective way to make use of timed interval repetition. But what if you’re worried about making mistakes? We all make them as part of the natural learning process. The mistakes you make can actually help you to remember. For example, one student was trying to learn the expression, “Do you have children? In Russian you literally say, ‘by you there are children?’ But the word ‘there are’- есть in Russian- is the same as ‘to eat’. So this student thought he was saying, “Do you EAT children?” We all laughed about this, and now we all remember that expression!

I also highly recommend Pimsleur audio-tapes and CDs, which will teach you essential Russian grammar using techniques such as this one. Of course, for only $29.95 you probably can’t even begin to buy one of their fine learning programs.

With this low introductory price, my money back guarantee, and the confidence of buying this product through, what do you have to lose?

BUY CD set NOW at! with the confidence of their money back guarantee, and take advantage of these proven methods to increase the speed and ease of learning Russian words. Why spend more time and money than necessary on expensive courses and materials! Teach YOURSELF Russian vocabulary. For only $29.95, what do you have to lose?

The next accelerated learning method is all about useful words rather than useless words. Many people work very hard to learn Russian words and waste much time. The problem is they often pick the wrong and rarely used Russian words. Instead, learn to focus on those basic Russian words used all the time. Then learning Russian becomes fun, automatic and natural. Therefore, pay close attention to this next part because it is very important!

**Word Frequency
The words in this vocabulary are frequently used and useful words, including most of the words in the famous vocabulary from C. K. Ogden's Basic English. Ogden was a linguist who devised a language of only 850 words adequate to say everything necessary for everyday purposes. Ogden said that it would take seven years to learn English, but only seven weeks for Basic English. The Basic English vocabulary is excellent for students who want a useful vocabulary in a very short time. The Russian equivalents to the majority of the words in ‘Basic English’ are included in this vocabulary program, which makes it of immense value to you, especially when combined with the other rapid learning methods

As a proof of the idea that this vocabulary was sufficient for ordinary communication, the Bible was translated into ‘Basic English’, with only an additional short list of specialized words! If the Bible can be translated with only a few hundred words, then that is ample enough for ordinary conversation. What that means for you, is that you can have a functioning vocabulary with a minimum of effort and wasted time.

In this vocabulary are approximately 1,000 words. Including: The Alphabet, Pronunciation, The 100 most common words, Animals, Colors, Days & Months, Numbers, The Body, Persons, Time, Food, School, Weather, Clothing, The Home, Buildings & Materials, Qualities, Feelings, etc. The methods used will help you to learn and to remember words quickly.

Besides using the program on a personal computer, the slides can be viewed on a projector in a classroom. With this program, you don’t just see the words, you hear the words pronounced, which also is important for memory!

Remember, the words in this program are useful words, not useless words!

For example:
The word ‘kitten’ can be substituted for quite nicely with the words ‘young’ and ‘cat’, which are both words in the vocabulary. For more information on this fascinating topic, search the internet under ‘Ogden’s Basic English.’ Here is one interesting link:
But to further enhance it’s value to you, this program also includes: The 100 words that are most frequently used in English, and their Russian equivalents. They make up 50% of all conversations!

That means that for any conversation, anywhere, anytime, about anything; half the words would probably be from these 100 words! For example, here are the first  nine and their Russian equivalents:
9 of 100 Word List In 50% of All Conversations
After posley
Again apyaght
All fvse
Almost poshti
Also toesjshey
Always vsegda
And ee
Because potomushto
Before pered
Know these 100 and you will know 50% of all that is spoken...
I am sure you noticed that the words in the right column above are phonetics. The Russian alphabet is actually in Cyrillic and Cyrillic letters are what you will be taught to read in this Rapid Russian Vocabulary system. Don’t feel intimidated… letters in the Cyrillic alphabet, although not looking anything like English, are simple to learn when you do so in the correct way! The short demo you can link to below, gives an example of how easy it is to learn the alphabet in just a few short sessions.
Order Now! Free Alphabet Tutorial
Note Learning Russian the Correct Way is Fun, Fast, Rewarding...
Other Ways Only Imitate Real Language Learning And Are Tedious Time-Wasters...
As children we did not learn grammar... we learned words! Words are the key to begin speaking Russian...
This program works with Microsoft Windows.

BUY NOW at! at the special introductory price of $29.95 and receive a free second CD to print out flashcards!
Have you already spent hundreds of dollars on Russian textbooks, tapes, videos, etc., but still can’t converse in Russian? I did! And I have many friends with the same experience. Careful application of the methods in this program will give you a working vocabulary in less time, and with less effort than you would have thought possible.

I guarantee it with a "no questions asked", 100% money back guarantee. And you will be buying this program through, which is a highly respected internet name you can trust...

What do you have to lose? Excuse me, you could actually lose something! You could lose hundreds of hours of boring, mind-numbing rote repetition of vocabulary words that you may rarely use!
The last method discussed here is:
**Flashcard Method with Timed Interval Repetition
This method will help you to remember words faster. First, reviewing a small group of words (10 or so), several times will impress them on your memory. The first time through, listen to the word pronunciation and repeat. If there is a memory aid, use that. Do this a second time. The third time through, try to say the word without hearing or seeing the Russian first. Even flashing through the slides at one per second is enough to reinforce your memory. Then, extremely important is reviewing the words at the correct time (as discussed in the section above about timed interval repetition). Each time the word is reviewed, you remember it roughly twice as long. So review new vocabulary words several times in the first session until you feel that you remember them. Then review them again that evening, then the next morning. Double the length of time between each review to daily, then in two days, then in four days, etc. This need not take a lot of time! All it takes is one second or less to reinforce the word in your memory.

Now you’ve seen how the methods in this program will multiply your results for the valuable time you spend investing in a new language.

Of course, you could memorize vocabulary by rote repetition. If you repeat a word over and over enough times, ultimately you can remember. But how many times? And how long will you remember? These methods will significantly and seriously accelerate the speed and ease at which you can learn and remember important words.
This will be one of the most valuable investments you will make in your exciting new adventure with the Russian language!
There are many excellent ways you can learn the Russian alphabet, pronunciation, and vocabulary. For example, a university is a time-tested method. However, we’re talking about a very large investment in money and time. The $29.95 introductory price for this program probably doesn’t come close to what you will pay. However, dollar-for-dollar and minute-for-minute, you will be hard-pressed to find anything even approaching what you will find in this program.
Features Benefits
Visual Imagery Remember what see quickly, easy—sets up solid mind—word link
Word Pronounciation Establish correct pronunciation from start, takes out all guesswork
Movement and Sound Impacts mental impressions on memory
Actual Russian Words And Current Correct Spelling Learn how to read and recognize words in the same way Russians learn in the natural way
Memory Aids Additional mind’s-eye impact for easy image retention, and recall
Drill Down Lists Quick reviewing and retention
Alphabet Learning System and Pronunciation Guide  How letters pronounced and pronunciation is changed for special situations
Two close friends of mine, after attending three semesters of a Russian language class at a highly respected university in California, were very disappointed. They expected to be semi-fluent after that, but they found that their progress was agonizingly slow. The "chalk and talk" method of teaching a language has got to be one of the slowest ways you can learn a language. It’s not the way children naturally learn, and it doesn’t take advantage of the way your brain functions. If you’re willing to spend even a few dollars on this new chapter in your life, this will be one of the wisest investments you will make.

Expand your Russian vocabulary! Learn useful words... not useless words!

BUY at at the special introductory price of
and receive a free second CD to print out flashcards!
Order Now! See free Demo
Note Learning Russian the Correct Way is Fun, Fast, Rewarding...
Other Ways Only Imitate Real Language Learning And Are Tedious Time-Wasters...
As children we did not learn grammar... we learned words! Words are the key to begin speaking Russian...
This program works with Microsoft Windows.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this discussion of rapid Russian learning techniques! You can benefit from these techniques with any program you use to learn Russian. But why not take advantage of the research and efforts of such linguists as C.K. Ogden and many, many more, as compiled in this inexpensive, but priceless Rapid Russian Vocabulary Program! Also, please see the information on Russian Key-Word Association and Daisy-Chain Drill... Click for More Details. Please continue to work on your Russian and check back here for these other articles soon to be released:
** How Bouncing a Balloon Helps Build Vocabulary and Pronunciation!
** Learning Backwards to Learn Better!
** Advanced Pronunciation Guide...

Dan Bauer


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