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Learn Russian With Subtitled DVDs 

Movies are a fun way to improve your Russian!

They can help with pronunciation, grammar, and being able to understand the spoken language. Learn to speak Russian the natural way.


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Instructions/Advice and Russian DVD Titles:

Here are some tips to help you enjoy the experience:

Please note that most Russian DVDs are in the PAL format, and won't play on American DVD players. To save you time in sorting through thousands of movies to find those that you can play on your machine, we have done the work for you  and have selections here in the NTSC format, which is used in the U.S., so your machine will play them

Watching movies with subtitles in English or Russian can also help you improve your vocabulary and grammar. But it can also be tedious to sort through to find these movies. So, we've also selected movies with subtitles in English, Russian, or both. I especially like to show the English subtitles, and see how much of the Russian I can understand. Remember, the subtitles are not usually a literal translation of the Russian dialog, but only give a paraphrased version.

And very important, be aware the Russian video's aren't rated like American movies, so it can be difficult to know if the movie is suitable for family viewing, violent, or has sexually graphic content! I remember renting a Russian movie, and being told by the video store clerk that it was suitable for family viewing. But then when I invited some friends over to watch it together, being embarrassed, because after only a minute it two, it featured adult themes and a topless woman. The movies we've selected here have been carefully picked to be suitable for family viewing.

Finally, many of the websites that sell Russian movies are in the Russian language, so it can be difficult, if not impossible, for you to navigate in them, if you're just starting your study of Russian. The website we're using should switch to English, when you link to it through us. If the website happens to display in Russian, you can easily switch the website to English, by clicking on this link at the top of the page: "Switch to English"

We've found this company to be reliable, and they ship promptly. The videos are also high quality, and not fuzzy bootlegged copies, as are found in many video stores.

I hope these tips will benefit you, and that you will enjoy the popular and classic movies we've located!

DVDs Only in PAL Format:

If you desire to get a DVD that's only in PAL format, please see the player listed under this link, for an inexpensive, high-quality model: Philips DVD NTSC-PAL player...

Dan Bauer

Here are some tips on using the menu on the DVDs:

First, you must wait for the required messages to play before you
can access the menu. In the main menu, there could be four topics:

  • простотр = Play
  • Эпизоды = Select episodes
  • Субтитры = Subtitles
  • Дополнительно = Extra material

Under subtitles:

  • Ангийский = English
  • Русский = Russian
  • без субтитров = without subtitles
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Russian DVDs with English Subtitles... 

Treasure Island (1971) (DVD NTSC)
Mimino (DVD NTSC)
D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers
Irony of Fate, or with Light Steam
Gentlemen of Luck
Business Romance-NO SUBTITLES
Amphibian Man
Weather is Good on Deribasovskaya, It Rains Again on Brighton Beach
Classic Russian Movie - Prisoner of the Caucausus
Classic Russian Movie - Operation Y
Classic Russian Movie - Ivan Vasilevitch
Classic Russian Movie - Diamond Arm

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