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SlovoEd Electronic Russian dictionary

This OUTSTANDING Bi-directional Electronic dictionary translates English or Russian words

 Notice these features you won’t find on other dictionaries!!!

  • translate words from Any Grammatical Form (no more maddening seaches for the base form of the word!)
  • while remaining In Your Active Application (no more switching back and forth over and over again to the dictionary)
  • with Just One Click (no more painstaking typing of the base form of the word)

With the free trial download, what do you have to lose?

For a special limited time, we are making an offer of a free RapidRussianVocabulary CD with the purchase of this SlovoEd Electronic Russian dictionary!
To obtain your free CD, just forward your order confirmation email to:, along with your mailing address. 

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Flexible Electronic Russian Dictionary!

SlovoEd Electronic dictionary is your professional tool for Russian translation and foreign language learning! With SlovoEd PC Russian dictionary you’re able not only to translate words in any form, but enrich your active vocabulary and improve your pronunciation!


  • Get exact and detailed translation of the Russian word from the most comprehensive and up-to-date dictionary databases of SlovoEd dictionary software
  • Find more ways to improve your Russian grammar skills with SlovoEd translation software! There are base Russian lexical morphology information on any Russian word in the dictionary (english irregular verbs, german verbs and italian pronoun declension, etc.).
  • Improve your Russian word pronunciation with help of transcriptions and voice samples
  • Learn new Russian words choosing unknowm words with bookmarks or using search history.

Get more from this Russian dictionary with advanced features of SlovoEd :

Russian Word Morphology Module

With help of Morphology Module you can translate the word entered in any form for example, if you use plural nouns and adjectives, different verb forms and so on). SlovoEd Russian dictionary software will find base Russian word forms of the word and will speed up translation when working with e-mails, documents or web-pages. The possibility to find translations of words in any Russian grammatical form will also be useful for those users who have just begun learning Russian.
Russian Word Morphology Module
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Immediate Russian translation by one click

Click just once to get quick and precise translation right in current application without opening the dictionary. Use this feature for unknown words in e-mails and documents, web-pages and other programs interface.
Translating Russian by one click.
Click here to download Full Version Electronic Russian Dictionary...

Sound Module

for English, French, Spanish, Italian and German languages

Sound Modules enable you to listen to pre-recorded native speakers pronunciation of words that SlovoEd dictionary contains. Sound modules are provided now for English, Spanish, French, Italian and German languages. Sound Module is included in all Talking dictionaries by default. If you have purchased the dictionary without Sound Module you can install it additionally anytime. Sound modules are available in three versions: Deluxe (20 000 words), Classic (10 000 words) and Compact (5 000 words).

The Resident window will appear on the screen. If the word you are looking for is present in the dictionary, you will see its translation. Otherwise, the words that are close to this word in the dictionary list will be shown. Also you will see the words that are close to its base form from Morphology Module.

Russian Learning tools

Table of irregular verbs

The table of English irregular verbs is available in all English dictionaries. Knowing only one form of the verb you will be able to find the others quickly. Several sorting modes will help to find the verb form you need.

Grammar reference

Most of the SlovoEd dictionary software contain basic grammar information (english irregular verbs, german verbs and italian pronoun declension, etc.) to help you refresh already obtained knowledge without tiresome search in print grammar references.
Russian Grammar and irregular Russian verbs tool
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Enrich your vocabulary by creating a personal list of unknown words using bookmarks and check yourself quickly at any time.
Personal dictionaries
You can greatly enlarge SlovoEd electronic dictionary word database by creating your own dictionaries. Comment on existing items and add new full entries with translation, transcriptions, usage samples and special marks.

Interface features

SlovoEd electronic dictionary interface is available in English and Russian languages. You are able to switch interface language anytime, without re-installation of SlovoEd dictionary engine. You can also adapt the dictionary to your personal taste: choose standard or simplified view of main window, set the appropriate font size of the SlovoEd dictionary article, etc.
Electronic Russian dictionary interface switching

Other SlovoEd Russian word translation software features
Besides, with SlovoEd you get:

  • High retrieval rate and precise translation.
  • Detailed and up-to-date dictionary bases with numerous usage and sound samples. transcriptions and stress-marks
  • Full-text search for words and word combinations in titles, entries and usage examples
  • Search history (list of words that you have searched recently).
  • Convenient visual layout and multicolor formatting of word entries.
  • Hyperlinks between entries.
  • Possibility to download demo-version and get commercial version via Internet.

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