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A Valuable and Useful Pocket Dictionary

Random House Russian English Dictrionary

Random House Pocket Dictionary

Revised! This pocket-sized Russian-English dictionary now includes up-to-date vocabulary.

New Electronic Russian Dictionary
Updated and rewritten for the first time since 1962, Random House's Webster's Pocket Russian Dictionary now includes new, up-to-date words in both languages. The text is based on the completely new and up-to-date midsize Random House Russian-English English-Russian Dictionary… first published in 1998.

Just some of the important features:
  • Over 40,000 entries, with grammatical information, such as imperfective and perfective aspect of verbs
  • Includes International (IPA) pronunciations for easier pronunciation Based on American English for easier use by English speakers and Russian speakers in the U.S.
  • Portable size and durable binding is just right for students and travelers.

Book Info: A pocket-sized, quick reference dictionary of the Russian language. English language is included. Terms are listed alphabetically. Softcover.

Some reviews and recommendations to consider:
I recommend this pocket dictionary. I have the 1962 edition, and I carry it with me often. It has a very durable soft cover, and fits easily in my pocket. Even some larger dictionaries don’t have the accent marks for the Russian words, which this dictionary includes.
Below are some reviews of this pocket dictionary by Amazon customers that I found useful. While it's imperfect, the Random House Webster's POCKET RUSSIAN DICTIONARY is one of the better pocket dictionaries of Russian. If you're learning the language, I'd recommend taking a look at it.

Dan Bauer
Below are some reviews from
Most Helpful Customer Reviews
6 of 6 people found the following review helpful:
"Imperfect, but helpful for students of Russian, September 13, 2002"

While I'm partial to the Collins Gem series for pocket foreign-language dictionaries, I found this Random House Webster's POCKET RUSSIAN DICTIONARY a worthwhile purchase in learning Russian. 

This dictionary has several good qualities. While small, it is not short and squat and thus is more comfortable in one's pocket. The binding appears more durable because the dictionary has a cover around it that gives more support to the binding and would hide unsightly lines. As for the content, the dictionary contains a suprising amount of words for its size, and the layout makes lookup easy. I was disappointed, however, by the lack of usage information in definitions. For example, looking up the translation for the English translation "darling" gives Russian "lyubimec." However, the dictionary does not tell the reader that this is "darling" in the sense of favourite, such as "the author Pastnernak was the darling of Western intelligentsia" and not a term of affection for a significant other.

For travellers, the dictionary includes at the end a short list of useful phrases and a menu reader. I think, however, that these are too short to be of any real use and a traveller would be better off with a real phrasebook. This dictionary is really meant for students.

While it's imperfect, the Random House Webster's POCKET RUSSIAN DICTIONARY is one of the better pocket dictionaries of Russian. If you're learning the language, I'd recommend taking a look at it.

I hope this review gives you a sense of whether this should be a dictionary you should consider. My experience in using tons of Russian-English dictionaries has shown me this to be one of the most useful and best ones you can acquire that can be carried with you all of the time.

Dan Bauer

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