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Midsize Russian Reference Dictionary

Oxford Russian English dictionary-paperback

In between desk reference and pocket-sized Russian-English dictionary extensive vocabulary yet portable.

New Electronic Russian Dictionary
Basic Specifications:

Paperback of 512 pages. Published in late 2002. The Dimensions: 6.8 x 4.2 x 0.9 inches and the books Weight is approximately 8.5 ounces. It is handy like a pocket size but with much more content and wider variety of look-up words.
Some reviews and recommendations to consider:
 I recommend this dictionary as a good midsize dictionary to carry to class, etc
Below are some reviews of this pocket dictionary by Amazon customers that I found useful. The Oxford Russian dictionary-paperback is one of the better near-pocket size dictionaries of Russian. If you're learning the language, I'd recommend taking a look at it.

Dan Bauer
Below are some reviews from
Most Helpful Customer Reviews

82 of 85 people found the following review helpful: Excellent value, August 14, 2001
By A Customer For the price, this is an excellent dictionary.
In response to the person who writes below that this dictionary lacks Russian phonetic pronunciation, saying "I was disappointed that there is no guide to the pronounciation of the Russian words. My desktop English dictionary gives the phonetic spelling of English words. So why not a Russian-English dictionary that gives the phonetic spelling of the Russian words?," I think it should be pointed out that Russian spelling is, with very few (and generally well known) exceptions, phonetic. I.e., with very few exceptions, a word is pronounced exactly as it is spelled. The only difficulty you might have with Russian pronunciation is determining where the accent falls in a word you're not familiar with. This dictionary, like almost all Russian dictionaries, indicates where the accent (udareniye) falls for each word and variant positions (where necessary) based on changing the case, number, tense, etc. Since Russian spelling is already almost 100% phonetic, providing an additional phonetic spelling of each word in the dictionary would be redundant and a waste of space -- except, perhaps, only for those who have not learned the Cyrillic alphabet -- something which the authors of this dictionary probably assume its readers have already done. The best Russian dictionaries I think are the Oxford hardcover editions, and, for American English speakers, such as myself, the dictionary by Kenneth Katzner. This dictionary is very handy though when you need something more compact. Even better is the old (1980's) version of the Oxford Russian/English English/Russian Pocket Dictionary which is smaller and more comprehensive, but apparently out of print. There is a new version of Oxford Russian/English English/Russian Pocket Dictionary (available on Amazon) -- but it lacks the old version's genuine "pocket" size and the content is somewhat different (it was edited by different people).

35 of 40 people found the following review helpful: Excellent Reference,
August 15, 2001 By Thomas F. Ogara (Jacksonville, FL USA) -
See all my reviews I never thought that I would give up using Smirnitsky's Russian-English or Mueller's English-Russian dictionaries; I relied on them for so long. But any more I find myself automatically reaching for my new Oxford when I need to look up a word! My wife does too, when she's looking for the right word in English. I recommend it highly if you regularly need a good Russian dictionary.

I hope these reviews give you a feel of whether this should be a dictionary you should consider. My experience in using Russian-English dictionaries has shown this to be one of the very useful ones you can have that can be carried with you.

Dan Bauer

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