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Keyboards as Helpful Instruments 

Computer Keyboards... Helpful Tools or Hindering Instruments!

There are differences?

Its not surprising that computer keyboards would be different since the alphabet is so different from English.


Keyboards are not the only approach:

There are other ways to work with computers in the Russian language. For instance, you can create and print labels with the Russian alphabet. Locate the corresponding key on your current keyboard and glue those labels directly onto it. There are clear stickers available for purchase that can save you time if this is an approach you think would work for you.

Foreign Language Keyboard Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I get my keyboard to type in a foreign language? You must change the settings in your computer's operating system. Check the Language Configuration page for detailed information on doing this. Also, see our article on installing Russian fonts.

What kind of connector do I need for my keyboard? To determine what type of connector is needed for your keyboard, simply follow the cord from the existing keyboard to your computer. Unplug the cord and match it to the attached picture to identify what you need.

Do I need special software with the keyboard? In most cases you will not need special software, most keyboards use the standard keyboard drivers provided in the operating system running your computer. To configure you operating system for a different language follow the instructions in the Language Configuration page.

Will the keyboard translate the language? No. Foreign language keyboards are simply a tool that allows you to see the location of the language characters on the keyboard when the operating system is set to the language you are using.

How do I apply labels to my keyboard? Make sure your keys are clean and dry (using a standard alcohol solution is recommended). To avoid having finger marks on the labels we recommend using tweezers to remove the labels from the backing and align on the keycap. Once in position press firmly with your thumb and hold for 10 seconds to set adhesive properly.

How do I switch from a foreign language back to English? In order to switch from a foreign language back to English, follow the instructions provided for your operating system in the Language Configuration page.

Keyboards save a lot of time and work:

On the other hand, purchasing a keyboard designed specifically for typing in Russian and English makes the whole approach much easier. Other benefits come with the package. For example, often Russian keyboard packages usually come packaged with other helpful instruments and instructions that can make it much easier to get started typing in Russian.

The decision is a price against time:

There are always trade offs between price and time. Do you have the necessary time to create, print, and properly correlate labels to keys on your current keyboard or do you spend a little money and have all of the work and details worked out for you? Therefore, I have selected a few keyboards here that I think will fit your needs in these areas.

Dan Bauer
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