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Russian - English
Computer USB Keyboard
from AramediA

USB Keyboard-AramediA

Sold directly by the manufacturer (AramediA) through For USB connection.

Product Description:

Russian - English USB Keyboard. This Keyboard provides superior comfort without forcing you to relearn how to type; it also maintains the key locations in the standard 104-key layout so you don't have to relearn how to type. The keyboard features an attractive design, a dependable construction that makes this board a great value, and keys that have a light, responsive feel, a standard size that uses less space than split keyboards, The Keyboard is guaranteed to work right out of the box, with long-lasting reliability. Its durable, spill-resistant design ensures little accidents won't cause worries. With so many benefits for such an economical price, this keyboard offers incredible value. Please refer to Windows Help files to enable your keyboard language. (To enable Russian characters, see our article on installing Russian Fonts)

Technical Details:
  • Russian - English USB Keyboard
  • foreign language keyboards
  • Standard size uses less desk space than split-style keyboards.
  • Sleek, slim profile saves valuable workspace, complements professional workstation.
  • Stylish keyboard with 104 keys.

I hope this information helps for your keyboard needs. I have used all types of ways to type in Russian... labels, stickers and keyboards. It is always best to try different ways to see which makes you most comfortable.

Dan Bauer

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