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Russian Pronunciation

Learn to speak Russian by learning patterns of pronunciation

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Learn to Speak Russian with consistent rules

As with all languages, pronunciation is important to audible communication. The best part about Russian pronunciation is that it is much easier than languages like English. It’s been said that Russian words are pronounced exactly as they are written. English words can often be impossible to pronounce by trying to follow rules. In Russian, if you learn where the accent is for any given word, and you learn a few basic consistent rules; then you can pronounce the word correctly and Russians will be able to understand you.

Correct Sound Formulation

changeThis is a two step process: 1) learn the sounds and the patterns of pronunciation 2) practice until correct pronunciation becomes automatic. Russian pronunciation is not like English even though they may sound close. You must therefore first learn the differences. Now the catch is that once you learn a sound, you will get it correct only by practicing over and over. The practice is what helps your muscles learn to form the sounds.

Learn and Practice Russian Pronunciation

A drill has been built for you to learn, remember and then practice some basic Russian pronunciation. It is an easy, short drill that is very effective. The best way to use this drill is by doing it for a few minutes at a time. Then return to this drill and repeat frequently to train yourself to automatically make the correct sounds. For best results repeat at recommended intervals (see Spaced Repetition). Doing so will train your ears as well as your muscles. The drill contains suggestions to help you formulate, recall and pronounce. In addition, there is audio of the pronunciations so that you can hear the correct pronunciation.

To start the your pronunciation drill click here…
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