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The Power of Visual, Sound
and Interaction Sessions

Learn in leaps and bounds by sight, sound and action. The more senses you involve in learning the Russian language, the more impact you have in a shorter time and with less effort. What this means is when you hear something, along with seeing, the more inclined you will be to learn what that thing or object is. Tie into the seeing and the sound some physical activity and you add memory impact exponentially. You learn faster and easier.
Here is how the process works:

Look at the visual objects and observe the Russian word in the Russian alphabet associated with the object (the seeing); Hear how the word is pronounced in the Russian language, and repeat the Russian word you hear (the hearing); Finally, roll the computer mouse over the objects you are attempting to learn (the physical activity).

How to understand Visual, Sound and Interaction Sessions:

 Below is an object that represents those that will be seen in a session. You will notice several things about the hand. First the hand itself, when you roll your mouse over the hand you will see the Russian word in the Russian alphabet. You will also hear the word as spoken in Russian. Next, you will notice circles with lines running back to an area on the hand. When you roll your mouse onto one of the circles, you will see the Russian word in the Russian alphabet and you will hear the word as spoken in Russian that identifies that hand part.

Another icon you will notice is the little “note” with a “push-pin”. When you roll the mouse over one of these icons often (but not always) you will see an additional list of words that can contribute to each session. However, those words will not be pronounced because they are only supplementary just to add to your Russian word base. But they can contribute much because you will see those words as spelled in the Russian alphabet.

Recommended Session Strategy:

Start from top left moving right and then down, and repeat row by row. As you do, roll the mouse over first the main object, i.e. the “hand”. Listen to the Russian word pronunciation. Attempt to pronounce the word exactly as you hear the word pronounced in Russian. Pay close attention to the word that appears in the Russian alphabet. After you have reviewed all of the main objects, start from the beginning and again review the main object as you did the first time. However, as you begin, first try to say the word before rolling your mouse over the object. Then roll over the object once again to see the Russian word and how it is represented in the Russian alphabet. Listen to see if you pronounced the word correctly. Now repeat the word again.

Next, start at the beginning. This time, roll your mouse over each of the circles to see and hear the word for each of the parts as it is in the Russian alphabet. Again, try to repeat what you hear. Take note of how the word is represented in the Russian alphabet. Don’t get lost in trying to note each letter of the Russian alphabet. Instead, learn to recognize the word itself. In this way, you are learning to recognize the word, rather than attempting to pronounce the word phonetically. This is how we naturally read. Too often, people make the serious mistake of trying to read phonetically, and just find themselves with many useless setbacks.

Do these sessions in 10 minute increments. Come back to each session again and again. You will be amazed at how quickly you will acquire Russian vocabulary and how quickly you will correctly pronounce those Russian words. Finally, you will be able to recognize words themselves that represent the combined sounds.

Visual, Sound and Interaction Sessions will jump-start your communication skills and make learning Russian words and the Russian alphabet fun, fast and easy!

These vocabulary resources are from Language Guide. offers free sound integrated resources for learning languages. These resources are developed collaboratively with the help of volunteers. It is sponsored by Language Guide, a registered non-profit organization.

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