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Learning Russian With
Word Drills That Work

How to Get the Most Out of Word Drills

Word drills have the potential to jump-start
your memory engine for several reasons:

1) Mental engagement-Because you seek answers for a match during each drill with your Mouse, both your eyes and hand become involved. The more senses put to use the more engaged you become which in turn makes what you are learning tremendously easier.

2) Changes-When you miss or get a correct answer, color differences highlight in your mind what happened: wrong answers “red” while correct answers “blue”.

3) Focused Categories-Groups of related words makes serves to strengthen the word retention because of those relationships.

Many more drills will be added

More of these Word Drills are currently scheduled to be added, so in a very short time you will be able to drill yourself on hundreds of words and in time even thousands of words… so bookmark and this site to your favorites. These categories are being carefully selected to make your learning experience both memorable and meaningful with the least amount of effort.

Goals: Review and Speed

Two things you should keep in mind as you work through these drills: reviewing, and review speed. By reviewing we mean you should make it a point to review each day at least one or even better, several drills. It is exponentially better to review on a daily basis rather than picking once a week and doing several hours. You will find you will learn more from a 15 minute a day program than doing 12 hours in one day. Our minds need incubate time across several periods.

Speed in mind while doing each drill will bring about intense results. The idea is try to force yourself to go faster than is comfortable for you. By forcing yourself to go faster than is comfortable fully focuses your mind on your objective. Only with a focused and charged mind will words be learned with ease.

Drill Strategy:

Review Entire List-When you begin a new drill go through the entire list twice. Either by selecting a word from the drop down or by making attempts to pick the correct word matches for which ever word is currently showing in that drop down list. As you do pay close attention to the outcome of your choice. Correct choices will land in the word list to the right. Missed words will end up in the left most word list. Whether correct or missed, compare the English word and the Russian word you picked out of the center list of words. Quickly make a note of the word that is highlighted in Russian within the center word list.

To perform a second review, push the center bottom button named “Start Over”. For the second review, if you don’t know the first word that appears then use the drop down list to select one that you think you might know. After selecting that word try and select the correct matching Russian word from the center word list. Again whether correct or missed make note of the word in Russian that represents the English word.

What these initial two drills do is begin to set up the memory foundation to make the particular group of words hold.

Review Missed List-Next, review those words missed by pushing the “Practice Missed Words” button. After doing each drill for an entire list of words go back and review those words that ended up in the Missed Answers side. This re-establishes mental links for those missed words.

Review Correct List-Finally, after reviewing the missed words, again make a review the entire list by pressing the “Start Over” button. Review those words that you gave correct answers to. What that does is firmly solidify those already correct words. You push the “Practice Correct Words” button to re-review only the correct words.

Re-Review Intervals

To produce the highest possible retention with the least amount of effort you should plan to return and re- review those reviews you have already completed but this should be done with the strategy of timed intervals. For example, once you have completed a word drill go onto something else. Then come back and re-review that same drill 15 minutes later and go onto something else. In 30 minutes return and repeat. Finally, come back one hour later and do that drill again.

On the following day return and do that exact drill again. Wait two days after that before returning to the drill again. Then wait four days... next eight days… then sixteen days. This doubling is the pattern that should be followed.

How often?

Do drills as often as you like and many more are already scheduled to be placed on this web site. Remember, the more often you review and re-review the more retention strength you add to your efforts and learning experience. Learning Russian doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming it just has to be done smart.
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