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Free Russian Language Tutorials Taken from:

Rapid Russian Vocabulary CD...

These tutorials will help you to learn quickly and easily! See if the memory aids don’t dramatically improve your recall of these words! (Depending on your internet connection speed, these tutorials will run much slower than the CD Rom disk will run on your computer.)
Choose one just by clicking one of the links below:
Clothing words
Color words
Kitchen/Dining Room words
Weather words
Animal words
Food words
Number words  
Additional Tutorials available on the Rapid Russian Language CD:
100 Most Common Words
The Body 1
The Body 2
The Body 3
Days and Months
Time 1
Time 2
Food-groups 1 to 3
School 1
School 2
The Home 1
The Home 2
Materials 1
Materials 2
The Outdoors 1
The Outdoors 2
The Outdoors 3
 Opposites 1
Opposites 2
Opposites 3
Opposites 4
Opposites 5
Qualities 1
Qualities 2
Verbs 1
Verbs 2
Things you do
Picturable things
General words 1 to 10
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 See New Electronic Russian Dictionary...

Kindle- Why is it the #1 Bestseller on Amazon? Click here to see for more info,and to see what Russian language books are available for the Kindle reader. 
Russian DVDs with English Subtitles... 

Treasure Island (1971) (DVD NTSC)
Mimino (DVD NTSC)
D'Artagnan and Three Musketeers
Irony of Fate, or with Light Steam
Gentlemen of Luck
Business Romance-NO SUBTITLES
Amphibian Man
Weather is Good on Deribasovskaya, It Rains Again on Brighton Beach
Classic Russian Movie - Prisoner of the Caucausus
Classic Russian Movie - Operation Y
Classic Russian Movie - Ivan Vasilevitch
Classic Russian Movie - Diamond Arm

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