About Us

Founded in 1987, JieYong Electrical Appliance Manufacturing (ShenZhen) Company Limited (herein refer to as JieYong Electrical Appliance), is a wholly foreign owned company with full rights to sell goods directly to mainland China, as well as import from or export/sell goods to overseas markets.  It underwent transformations in 2012 from its predecessor, JieYong Manufacturing Plant, also a wholly foreign owned company, which can import from or export to overseas market, but can’t sell goods directly to mainland China due to special tax/duty rate offered by government.  JieYong Electrical Appliance is 100% owned by Excelight Limited in Hong Kong which is incorporated in 1978.

JieYong Electrical Appliance have the abilities to develop and manufacture Precision Toolings, Home Appliance, Pumps and Household Steam Cleaning product range.  It has over 120 advanced injection machines, mechanical processing equipment, as well as inspection/testing equipment, which are imported from Germany, Switzerland and Japan.

“steam care” “蒸汽宝” is an original brand owned by JieYong Electrical Appliance, consist of home care product series like steam mops, cordless sweepers.  JieYong Electrical Appliance is one of the first professional manufacturers in China that make home care health products using dry steam technologies.  The key management concepts behind JieYong Electrical Appliance is “Leading Technologies and Customers First”, while the goal being pursuited is “Keeping Quality in Mind, be Brave to Create and Achieve First Class Excellence”.  With multiple China approved key patented inventions utilizing dry steam technologies, JieYong Electrical Appliance manufactures professional, safe, highly efficient, energy saving steam cleaning electrical appliance.

JieYong Electrical Appliance produce micro solenoid pumps, exhaust valves, pressure relief valves, etc… all with various specifications, that are widely used in products like low /high pressure coffee machines, steam cleaning machines, ironing presses, fog machines, drinking machines, medical equipments, etc.

From tooling designs to precision molding, JieYong Electrical Appliance have the abilities to handle them all.  Precision injected parts, injected gears are mainly used on office equipment, household appliances targeted for Japan, France, USA; the high speed precision fans blades produced by JieYong Electrical Appliance have excellence balance, low noise, small vibration, it is an indispensable part used in vacuum cleaners, power tools, outdoor tools, micro heatsink.


To increase customers’ satisfactions and solidify company strength, JieYong Electrical Appliance steadily introduce advanced equipments, with a devotion to training and enhancing professionalism of the development, engineering, quality and management staff.  This enhance design, production/manufacturing and management capabilities.


JieYong Electrical Appliance obtained ISO9001 quality management accreditation, ISO14001 environmental management accreditation, its products have multiple patents and passed standard quality and safety certifications in multiple countries.  With excellent quality, prompt service, forever ongoing improvements, JieYong Electrical Appliance will gain customers’ satisfactions.